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AHC split from American Recordings, join Nitrus Records

AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE have parted ways with American Recordings and have inked a new deal with Nitrus Records (web site). A statement posted on the band's official message board cites "the usual (but prefacing it with 'extreme and debilitating') creative differences" for the split, which is said to have allowed the group a chance to pursue "what they originally saw in American (Recordings)…a belief in the music we write and a very hands-on, no nonsense approach."

AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE are scheduled to begin pre-production on their sophomore release, tentatively titled "Just For the Record", on May 31 in Los Angeles with producer Greg Fidelman (who engineered AHC's previous album, "The War of Art", and whose credits include MARILYN MANSON, SLIPKNOT, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and BUSH). An October release is expected.

"This is good news for everyone…ourselves, our new label, and especially our fans," the band said in a statement. "We have a renewed sense of purpose and hope, and a batch of new songs that will rip off your face while singing you to sleep. See you on tour, pigs."

I have not heard much from AHC in a very long while. This is great news. I just found this AHC community. It's great to see that there is one. Now I hope the new record will finally be done and released. Fuck you American Recordings. It has been a long three years? Since they dropped off the coal chamber tour if I recall they were supposed to start creating the record. This record is going to be brutal.
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w00t! this sounds like just what they need to get their butts in gear and give us more music!! How long do you think it will be before they release the album? Damn....to me it seems simultaneously like just yesterday, and forever ago that I walked into the record store the day the War of Art was released to buy it.
I hope this record comes out before the October release it said in that article. It's been way to long. I'm sure they have a lot more material ready to go since the last time they went into pre production for the record. If they decide to start with fresh new ideas and it takes a little longer thats okay too. I too want some new music from them now. I too remember buying The War Of Art the date it was released and just listen the hell out of it and the live shows that followed just fueled my listening to it. Can't wait for them to tour....